About Our Business

We cater to the most discerning car enthusiasts and take the high-end car storage concept to the next level. Our facility is located on a fully fenced and gated property conveniently located within a 10 minute drive of The Rim, The Dominion and La Cantera. At Harick, our passion for cars is only exceeded by our passion for our customers. We maintain your vehicle in a 100% “ready to drive” state and offer scheduled auto services, maintenance, detailing, paint and restoration services to ensure your vehicle is ready to drive when you are. Our facility is private, alarmed, video monitored and not accessible to the general public to protect your privacy and ensure your vehicles’ security.

Vehicles maintained and stored inside our full range auto services location

Harick currently has a closed area of approximately 17,000 sq. ft. with 24 hydraulic Challenger CL4P7 lifts and 16 additional positions for vehicles with greater volume. Harick guarantees the customer’s satisfaction and commits to providing full car care without having any concerns. Full vehicle monitoring, driving of the vehicle, preventive maintenance, washing / detailing and safety are some of the many auto services that Harick provides in order to make every customer completely satisfied.

Garage Insurance
We can protect your cars for what they’re actually worth

We carry insurance coverage designed for classic and exotic car storage service facilities to cover the value of your vehicles up to $2,000,000.

Private & Secured
We operate inside a discreet location with high tech security

Our property is protected by industry leading security systems and state-of-the-art equipment. We utilize 24/7 surveillance and professional monitors.

Certified Technicians
We stand behind our work

We employ technicians certified in auto detailing, boat and watercraft detailing, and auto mechanics to provide top of the line service to our clients.

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Reviews from Our Clients
I’ve had my car stored with Harick for over a year. Top notch facility with completely professional employees. They even let me know when my service is due. I couldn’t be happier with them.
Travis BarkerGoogle Review
World-class vehicle storage! Not sure how you could make this service any better. My home is in another state and I fly into San Antonio and pickup my vehicle on the way to a remote business site in South Texas. Harick goes above and beyond what I’ve found other services do by providing personal transportation to and from the airport or my hotel. They’ve also helped me out in some tough spots where I needed mission critical equipment in place in my vehicle when I arrived. I’ve had our diesel suburban stored there since Aug and in that time they’ve sourced and supervised the reupholstering of the leather interior and the repair of an elusive fuel system problem. Exceptional workmanship on both!
Kevin KershGoogle Review
They did great mechanical work. Honest people, very nice facility.
Livet TheaterGoogle Review
I’ve stored my ’71 Trans Am there for the last 4 months. Always available when I need to get to it and very helpful with a lot of the small stuff.
Brian YamanouchiGoogle Review
Top quality detail done on my 2012 E63! Outside was spotless! Inside was even more impressive. Mind you, this is a light gray interior with carbon fiber trim. I hadn’t realized the discoloration of the leather from the years of driving until they cleaned her up. The leather looked years newer and is softer and more supple. The carbon fiber trim and console looked better than I expected it could (I bought her in 2016). They were even able to get the light gray carpet cleaned up nicely. I thought it looked good before I took it to be detailed and was literally amazed at the improvement! Well done Harick Services!
James BowmanGoogle Review
They do everything you could ever ask for, and extremely friendly. Its nice knowing someone will take such great care of your car while its there.
Justin SharpGoogle Review
Super honest people they did a perfect job and dialing in my BMW, and the storage facility is amazing
Juan Carlos MartínezGoogle Review
A friend of mine recommended me Harick’s Services to detail my car so I gave them a call and they quickly set up an appointment that same day. Besides having an option of them driving me anywhere while my car was getting details, they also told me they could deliver the car anywhere I wanted once they were done. The professionalism and service they provide is outstandingly unique not to mention their unbeatable prices. I was easily entertained looking at all of their amazing cars they have in storage or for sale that I was able to snap some amazing pictures.
Andrew ClarkGoogle Review
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Leave Us Your Review