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From minor paint and body to full frame off classic car restorations
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Vehicle restoration is complicated and time consuming for the customer, and we know that. Our team of project managers and highly skilled auto technicians take the anxiety out of the restoration for you, our customer. The vehicle is disassembled in house and reassembled with new or refurbished parts. After paint and body work is complete, the entire vehicle is reassembled here in our shop to the customers specifications.

From minor paint and body on your classic car to full frame off restorations, we do it. Beware of the fly by night shops that take your money, tear your car apart and then ask for more money. Often, they are using your deposit to finish someone else’s project because the money was mismanaged somewhere in the process. In the industry, we call this practice the “Restoration Ponzi Scheme”. Unestablished shops and even some of the big ones operate this way. We keep meticulous records and invoice regularly so you can always see where the money went. Our vehicle restoration business is repeat business, and there is a reason, because our customers trust us to do it right, every time.

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Restoration Process

In general, there are 2 types of restorations when talking about a vehicle, frame on and frame off.

Frame on: This usually includes replacing parts of the vehicle that are either failing or can be upgraded along with replacing some wiring, wheels, tires, etc. This option also usually includes body work, repainting and upholstery. We try to only dissemble as much of the vehicle as possible, to save on labor hours and costs.

Frame off: This is a full nut and bolt restoration. We disassemble every part of the vehicle that can come apart and rebuild it using either new parts, or refurbished original parts. This is the costliest option, but gives the customer a completely rebuilt, factory quality vehicle.

Resto Mod: A resto-mod can be either a frame on or a frame off restoration, however, instead of rebuilding to vehicle to factory specs, we add more modern features like disc brakes, upgraded suspension, new electronics, modern interior, roll cages, fuel injection or a more modern motor and transmission.


What should I expect when doing a vehicle restoration?

First, we need a few hours with the customer to review their goals and expectations for the build. If we have a very clear picture of the desire of the customer for what the finished product will be, then we can make determinations during the process that will benefit the customer in the end.

Second, we will do a hands-on evaluation of the vehicle. The condition of the vehicle prior to restoration is a large factor when estimation hours and parts needed. Generally speaking, the better the condition, the less expensive the build. However, all restorations take considerable time and money.

If you do decide to have your dream vehicle built by us, we very much want you to be a part of the process. Visiting our facility during the restoration is encouraged and welcome. This is YOUR vehicle, and we want your constant input so that we build you exactly what you want.

How much does it cost?

This is of course the most commonly asked question and the answer is less than scientific, unfortunately. There are so many factors involved like condition of the vehicle, rust, modifications, levels of perfection, etc., that it’s impossible to say for certain. However, you should expect to pay anywhere from $40,000 and up. Full frame off restorations and Resto-Mods can cost over $100,000 depending on all the factors previously discussed.

Can I just do a mechanical restoration?

Yes! We do mechanical repairs and upgrades as well. You do not need to do a full restoration with us, we can do engine swaps, suspension, brakes, interior and just about anything else for a classic vehicle.

How does billing work?

We take an initial deposit that allows us to order some of the parts and get started on the labor. The first deposit is usually 20% of the total estimate. Once the deposit runs out, you can either make another deposit, or we can invoice you as work is being completed, whatever works best for you.

Can I supply my own parts?

Of course!

What is your Labor Rate?

Our labor rate is $89.00 per hour.

Our Vehicle Restoration Work

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